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치킨 Fried Chicken 炸鸡

치킨 Fried Chicken 炸鸡


Choice of sweet chilly, snowy cheese, soy garlic, carbonara and original. Comes in 6 pieces basket of boneless full chicken tigh meat.

Cook style
Spicy level (For sweet chilly favour only)
  • 양념 Sweet Chilli 甜辣味

    Special homemade sweet sauce with a perfect combination with chilli that even the young ones can enjoy! Topped with roasted sesame seeds to enhance both visual and tastebuds!

  • 치즈 Cheezy 芝士味

    Snowy cheesy powder imported directly from Korea! Sweet cheesy taste that is a great combo with our marinated fried chicken. Perfect for both children and cheese lovers!

  • 마늘간장 Soy Garlic 咸蒜味

    A wonderful salty blend between the savoury taste from soya sauce and strong aroma from the garlic! Garnished with fried, crispy and fragrant sliced garlic.

  • 카보나라 Carbonara 培根蛋味

    Cream added to seasoned sauteed mushrooms and onions. Carbonara sauce dipped on fried chicken to become a perfect pairing between Korean fried chicken and Western Sauce.

  • 오리지널 Original 原味

    Our well-marinated fried chicken is flavourful even without any sauces. Crispy, original and yummy!

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